Eski Kapu

Eski Kapu (trans. Old Gate) is a large area located east of the town of Kavala. It is mostly mountainous with some small pieces of flat land. It starts from the sea and reaches the city limits of the town of Filipi. The history of this area starts as early as the Iron Age. Later the Roman Via Egnatia, a road network connecting Durres (Albania) with Constantinople, the capital of the eastern Roman Empire was passing through Eski Kapu. The area took its name from the Othomans which used it as a grass land. In later years during the two world wars fortification works took place because of the strategic location of the area.

My interest for this area grew when a camp site was established for refugees in April 2016 in an old abandoned quarry next to the highway. For 5 months this was home for 300 people.

The starting point of this project was a 5-day workshop held by Lucy Art Residency in Kavala, Greece, with Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt and Void. Part of it is featured in the collective book Straight Cut .